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The Mary Busby Ackworth Sampler

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Mary Busby attended Ackworth School from 1800 to 1804. The Busby Ackworth connection ranged from 1794 to 1811 during which time all six of the Busby children were educated. Mary worked this sampler during her last year at Ackworth School when she was aged thirteen along with a text sampler which will be produced as a chart later this year. This is a delightful sampler and I have the feeling that Mary thoroughly enjoyed working it as she's worked every available space!

Mary had an unusual appreciation of colour which is born out by the use of three colours in the flower head on the left, second row up from the bottom, and the medallion to the right of it which uses two blues in the border instead of one.

This sampler was worked on 40 count linen (sand) and measures 13.5" x 16.5".  40 count linen can be obtained from Gitta's, Sewandso (see links page), or from" An Elne of Lynnen",  Katie has hand dyed 40 count linen which gives an antique effect and would be good for Mary Busby.

The threads used are Pearsalls Filoselle silks and have been matched as closely as possible to the original. A pack is available from at a special price of £30 (20 skeins). Please be aware that other packs being advertised are not necessarily the correct colours.

This is a faithful copy and all Mary's mistakes have been included although being an excellent needle woman, there are very few mistakes!